Goes to a country gets tattoo coloured

Every time this guy goes to a Country he gets it colored

Yes talking about the tattoo on his back,which ever country he visits, he gets it coloured!


Can you imagine being dedicated to your hobbies in such extent that it can actually show on your back? Bill Passman may not be the one who came up with the idea but he surely knows how to commit himself into his favorite activity, which is traveling around the world and writing about it on his
To show his dedication he has a world map tattooed on his back. He got the idea from a fellow traveler named Jules, but he went further and refined the idea, interpreting it in his own way. For example, Jules puts a red dot on every place she’s visited, Bill on the other hand has his map colored in with every new country he travels to. So far Passman has 40 countries colored in and intends to increase this number in the future.
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