Hungarian soldier shot in head unable to sleep

Hungarian soldier who could not sleep

Paul Kern was a Hungarian soldier who was shot in the head by a Russian soldier in 1915 during World War I. The bullet removed part of his frontal lobe. Rather than killing him, this made him unable to sleep.

Sleepless man - Paul Kern

He was placed in command of a company of shock troops. While with this company, he was awarded a medal for bravery. A year later, he was transferred to another company where he was rewarded for his defense of an important sector despite the rest of his company being shot down.
After being shot in the head by a Russian soldier and losing part of his frontal lobe, he was taken to the Hospital. After waking up at Lemberg, he never slept again. Dr Frey, a professor at the University of Budapest treated Kern but was unable to find a cause for this abnormality
Kern is said to have lived for another 40 years after his injury,No sedatives, no hypnosis and no drugs could make him fall asleep all he did is lie down and rest with his eyes closed but not sleep

Photo of the sleepless man

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