Animal Planet faked the existence of mermaid twice

Animal Planet faked the existence of mermaid twice and nearly fooled everyone regarding it.On Sunday, Animal Planet aired a follow-up to last year's television special called "Mermaid: The Body Found ."
The two-hour documentary-style program — described by the network as "science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory" — was so convincing that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was initially overwhelmed by callers demanding to know the truth about the existence of the legendary sea creatures.

Animal planet, mermaids

There is no scientific evidence about the  existence of the so called " mermaids  ", but the way the story is told, it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction.
There's been some uproar about it airing on "Animal Planet," a channel that traditionally focuses on nature and science, rather than myth and fantasy.
Charlie Foley, the show's executive producer, creator, and writer, encourages viewers to approach the show with a sense of possibility, with the understanding that the storyline is meant to be entertaining too.  
The mockumentary uses evolution-based theories and several real examples from nature as a springboard to weave an imaginary story about a contemporary myth, Foley said.

Animal Planet faked the existence of mermaid twice

Here is the documentary made by animal planet regarding the hoax

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