Lightning hit deaf bald blind man

A bald, blind, near deaf man was hit by a lightining and all the three condtions were fixed miraculously,not fake but yes its true,here the story goes:
Bob Gustavson, the pastor at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Falmouth, Maine, and Edwin Robinson was a parishioner there when I first came in 1994. Ed was a remarkable story of someone who had had an accident in his truck and lost his sight and most of his hearing and suddenly had it restored.
He had adopted a chicken that somehow had found his way to him, and he had named the chicken Tuck-Tuck because, well, as best as he could make out, that's the sound that a chicken makes: tuck, tuck, tuck... And that's why he was out there. He was walking around the garage calling Tuck-Tuck. And the bird was inside the garage looking out at him, trying to figure out why he was out there, just standing in the rain, during a severe thunderstorm.
The lightning bounced off the tree and went directly into his hearing aids, and blew the hearing aids right out of his ears. The connecting wire was burned completely off. And after my dad had been hit by lightning, he lay on the ground for several minutes and he finally got up and went back in the house. My mom came over to him because he looked, you know, dazed, and he said, "I think I've been hit by lightning." And she kind of said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and he said, "No, really, I can read that plaque on the wall."
He began reading a plaque of some sort that was up on the wall. It said something like, "God can't be everywhere, that's why he created grandparents." His wife thought maybe he had just memorized it, but it turns out he was actually reading it.
 So she said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and "You already know what it says, so that doesn't mean a thing. How about looking at the clock over there on the wall and telling me what time it is?" And he looked at the clock and said, "It's six minutes after five." He got his sight back to 20/20. He got his hearing back. All of his life he had been completely bald and several weeks later there was hair that started to grow on his head.
Not only was his eyesight restored and his hearing restored, but he started to grow hair again. It's hard not to say that it's not miraculous.


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