Deep sea squid uses tentacles to attract prey

Deep-sea squid uses tentacles to attract prey has been revealed.

A few chance encounters hundreds of metres underwater seem to have solved the long-standing mystery of what one squid species does with its unusual tentacles: it pretends they are fish to lure its prey into range.
Until now, the deep-sea-dwelling squid Grimalditeuthis bonplandi had never been observed in the wild by researchers, and most of the knowledge about it came from partially digested specimens pulled from the stomachs of large fish and whales. Most squid have a pair of tentacles with hooks or suckers that they use to grasp food, but in this species the corresponding tentacles are thin, fragile things — and their function has puzzled squid researchers

An unusual squid's tentacles lack suckers or hooks, and the first videos of its activity in the wild have revealed how it uses them.


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