Sharks are immune to all known diseases

Sharks immune to all diseases

Are Sharks immune to all the diseases? This is a good question and the answer is YES, Though the word sounds really scary but one interesting fact about them is  they are actually immune to all known diseases.

Facts about Sharks

The reason is :

" Basically, sharks seem to possess only one class of broad-spectrum serum antibody - similar to that found in human infants. In humans, this broad-spectrum class of antibody is replaced by more specific antibodies as the child matures and is exposed to a greater variety of pathogens. Conversely, sharks retain their non-specific immune response throughout their lives. This generalized immune system is one of the reasons sharks are able to detoxify many potentially harmful compounds quickly without need of prior exposure. Sharks injected with carcinogens, coliform bacteria, and - most recently - exotic fungal toxins at concentrations that would kill most vertebrates outright, have detoxified these pathogens and survived apparently without ill effects. "

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