Mars to have a planetary ring like Saturn

Saturn planetary rings

Research by NASA shows that mars will soon have a planetary ring like that around Saturn,a Planetary ring is a ring of cosmic dust and other small particles orbiting around a planet in a flat disc-shaped region.
The most notable planetary rings known in the Solar System are those around Saturn, but Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also possess ring systems of their own.
The composition of ring particles varies; they may be silicate or icy dust. Larger rocks and boulders may also be present, and in 2007 tidal effects from eight 'moonlets' only a few hundred meters across were detected within Saturn's rings.
It is believed that in 7 million years, a new planet will be joining these giant stars by generating a planetary ring of it's own.
This planet is Mars, and it expected to be as big as the ones that surround the other three current planets with planetary ring.

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