Mass reservoir of water floating in space

There is a mass reservoir of water floating in space that is 100,000 times bigger than our sun and holds 140 trillion times more water than all of our oceans.

Astronomers have reported the discovery of a huge water vapor cloud floating around a black hole in space.
The find is the largest discovery of water anywhere in history, and has been found in a distant “quasar.”
The Carnegie Institution, one of the groups behind the findings, has said, “Since astronomers expected water vapor to be present even in the early universe, the discovery of water is not itself a surprise.”
The statement added: “Quasars contain massive black holes that steadily consuming a surrounding disk of gas and dust; as it eats, the quasar spews out amounts of energy.”
The find has come as part of a quasar study called “APM 08279+5255”, and the black hole under observation is 20 billion times greater than the sun.
NASA scientist Matt Bradford has said, “The environment around this quasar is very unique in that it's producing this huge mass of water. It's another demonstration that water is pervasive throughout the universe, even at the very earliest times.”

Mass reservoir of water floating in space

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