Insects don’t feel pain

Insects don't feel pain

Everyone is hit by pain but not Insects,they don't feel pain

Pain is officially defined as, “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage,” yet is experienced differently by each person and organism. Because of this it is extremely difficult to describe just how an animal experiences pain. To study how an animal experiences pain “argument-by-analogy” is applied. This means if the animal reacts in a similar way to how we would, we believe they are experiencing pain.

An example of this is if a human being was pricked with a pin he would immediately run away of retrieve his hand as with great reflexes, just as any other animal would,The strange thing with insects is that they have no capacity to feel pain at all! Nociceptors are what carry the feeling of pain to the brain. These are essential to experience pain, yet insects and crustaceans have never been found to have any! This means most of these animals are unable to feel any sort of pain!


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