Glowing Firefly Squids in japan

These glowing blue creatures are actually known as Glowing Firefly Squids in japan and considered to be the most beautiful creature of marine life on earth.

Glowing Firefly Squids

The scientific name of Firefly Squid is Watasenia Scintillans, its considered cephalopod and is around three inches long on average. The reason behind glowing a beautiful blue color is its body covered with photophores and by glowing light it actually communicate with other Firefly Squids.
The light is produced due to a chemical reaction, bioluminescence (the production and emission of light by a living organism. Its name is a hybrid word, originating from the Greek bios for “living” and the Latin lumen “light”.)

The Glowing Squid in japan

Now that the reason behind its color has been told, next questions arise that why its called a Firefly? Fireflies contains photophores which are very similar in nature to type of photophores found in these species and hence they are also names after them.
These Firefly Squids control their light to gather more Squids, to scare off their enemies or to attract small fishes around them on which these Firefly Squids feed. Firefly Squids can also use there light to blend into different backgrounds to hide themselves and have  superb abilities in camouflage.
Glowing Squids

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