First person to cross Antarctica

Photo: Børge Ousland
Børge Antarctica and Siberia

In 1996 Børge became the first person to cross Antarctica coast to coast, alone to cross and without support—1,864 miles through the most desolate landscape on Earth. In 2001 Ousland completed the first solo crossing of the Arctic. On this expedition he travelled alone for 82 days, from Siberia to Canada, via the North Pole.In 2007 he and a partner skied and paddled from the North Pole across the Arctic islands of Frans Jozef Land north of Russia. These are but a few of his many firsts.

In his highly rated presentation, Against All Odds: Solo Across the Poles, Børge shares his trek through the harshest conditions on Earth and proves that it is possible to achieve the “impossible.” He challenges us to break through our mental boundaries so that we can uncover our unique strengths and succeed in our own endeavors.

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