Why can't you see stars on the moon?

You certainly CAN see stars from the moon, and if light from the sun and earth are not interfering, the sight must be nothing less than dazzling. You would never have to contend with bad weather, or with other kinds of atmospheric disturbance. 

Photo: A view of Earth from the Moon taken by NASA.
Why can't you see stars on the moon

You may wonder why stars don't appear in photographs that were taken during lunar landings.?
Lets get you guys an answer for this?

"You cant see stars on as because The moon has a daytime and nighttime also. This is daytime on the moon. During the day, stars are not visible. Day and night is not strictly limited to earth.Because the moon lacks an atmosphere. Our day sky is blue because of our atmosphere. Our night isn't black either: it's dark blue."

No stars on the moon

Photographing stars not only on moon but also on earth is not extremely difficult, but it's not easy, either. Try it with your camera. See if you can get good images of the stars just by taking a snapshot in a very dark place on a clear night. If your camera has any auto features, it will probably "complain". At the same location, try taking a photo of a buddy using your flash (so you get decent detail) and where there are also stars in the background. See what you get. 

No stars on moon

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