Oyster Changes Its Gender from Male to Female

An Oyster Changes Its Gender from Male to Female Several Times in a Year

Oyster gender change

Oyster changes its gender several times a year from male to femal and back and forth,now the question is what is an Oyster? as everyone knows Oyster is actually a word used to describe several classes of Bivalve Mollusks. ( Bivalve Mollusks are Mollusks who have two valves which are typically symmetric along the hinge line.)

 The bazaar sexuality of Oysters. Firstly it is impossible to determine whether an oyster is male or female simply by inspecting an Oysters shell. In this bizarrely Oysters do have separate male and female sex's but unlike most the animal kingdom they can change from male to female and vise versa. But how is this possible? The "gonads" which are located around the digestive system and are used to produce eggs AND sperm which is how they are capable of changing sex's
Oyster gender change from male to female

Where can we find Oysters in the wild? Oysters are a marine creature so to state the obvious this place would have to have water. They can only be found in brackish waters, Brackish water is water with more salinity then normal water but less seawater. It can be created by either mixing seawater with fresh water or in brackish fossil aquifers.

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