Mr.Bean, saved a plane crash

Once Rowan Atkinson, known as Mr. Bean, saved a plane crash when the pilot of his private jet fainted mid-flight,yes he saved the plane from being crashed

Mr.bean,Rowan Atkinson

It sounds exactly the kind of situation that would befall the hapless Mr Bean.
Sitting up front in a tiny plane, the bumbling misfit played by Rowan Atkinson is forced to take the controls when the pilot beside him slumps unconscious in his seat.

But this was no hilarious comedy script. Instead, it became a stark real-life drama at 16,000ft for Atkinson as he and his family were being flown over East Africa.
He and his wife Sunetra tried to revive the pilot by slapping him around the face and splashing him with water - but to no avail.

Suddenly, the Cessna 202 started lurching from side to side, then went into a shallow dive at 250mph.
Realising he had to act quickly, the 46-year- old Blackadder star courageously took over the controls despite having no idea how to fly the twin-propeller plane.
Atkinson gingerly tried to bring the nose up. But the aircraft shot alarmingly into the sky. 'Too much!' screamed his wife.

Then as he delicately manipulated the joystick, the Cessna steadied. Atkinson desperately concentrated on a gyroscopic display on the instrument panel, showing whether the aircraft was level.
Even so, the couple - who had chartered the plane during a holiday in Kenya - were convinced they and their children Ben, eight and six-year-old Lily would eventually crash into the bushland below.
But as they prepared to say their goodbyes, the pilot - who is thought to have been suffering from dehydration - revived and took the controls back. He had no idea he had been unconscious.
Soon after, the Cessna landed safely at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

Rowan Atkinson

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