Kid genius with an IQ of 178 committed suicide

genius with an IQ of 178

A genius kid named Brandenn Bremmer  with IQ of 178 was "born an adult" according to his parents. He was a genius who began reading at just 18 months and playing piano at 3 years old.
He took on high school at age 6 and mastered myriad subjects from photography to new age music to archery.
He had a sky high IQ of 178. However, when Bremmer was just 14 years old, his parents found him dead in their Nebraska home. He allegedly shot himself.
There was no explanatory note, and Bremmer's parents had no reason to suspect his suicide. His mother noted that he showed no signs of depression.
She did think that he perhaps felt that he was done with this world - that it didn't challenge him enough. In addition to being extremely intelligent, Bremmer's mother says he was very in tune with the spiritual world and people's needs and desires.
His kidneys were donated to two people

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