Some rare facts about the octopus


Octopi have short lifespans.Their lifespans vary among species but can be between six months and five years.

An octopus has three hearts.Two hearts are used to pump blood to each of the octopus' lungs and the third pumps blood throughout the body.

Octopi squirt ink to defend themselves. Most species of octopusi can release a thick cloud of black ink that helps to confuse predators and provide the octopus an edge when attempting to escape.

One of the pigments in the octopus' ink is melanin (the same pigment that gives our skin and hair color).

Both male and female octopi die.
The male octopi die just after ejaculation and the female octopi die just after give birth.
Strange isn't it?

Octopi move through the water either by crawling or by jet propulsion.Octopuses are among the few animals that move by means of jet propulsion. Because jet propulsion requires much energy, many octopuses also crawl when moving more slowly. If an octopus needs to get away in a hurry, it uses jet propulsion by contracting their mantle and expelling a jet of water that propels them forward.



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