Man buys BMW sedan for just $1

BMW sedan for just $1 unbelievable right?look how was it possible
Oftentimes, people get good deals especially in auctions. Take for example this one buy who bought a 1994 BMW sedan for only one dollar. Yes, that’s $1! It’s not just a good deal. It’s probably one of the best in the car trade industry.

Apparently, New Zealand car dealership Stadium Cars made a mistake of putting the car for bidding with a $1 Buy Now price. Trade Me buyer “bignz” clicked the “Buy Now” button knowing it’s not serious.
Surprisingly, Stadium Cars manager Mike Nokes honored the sale. It was an honest mistake as they normally put a reserve price. So now, the guy is a proud owner of a BMW bought only for $1. It’s an old car but it still is the BMW and you really can’t beat that price.
BMW sedan


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