Frano Selak the worlds most luckiest man alive

Frano Selak the worlds most luckiest man ever.

The 81-year-old Croat, a retired music teacher, is the personification of misfortune, but also of the good luck...
Although it seems to be something out of a movie script, the story of Selak is 100% true.

The old now Croat, narrates how the odd brush with his fate, began during a trip by train in 1962. Selak was on a train to Dubrovnik when it jumped the rails and fell into in the icy waters of a river. 17 people died in the accident, while Selak escaped with only some scratches.

The next time that luck wanted to play with him, was a year later, when he boarded on a plane for the first time to travel. While sitting in his place, Selak was free falling, together with other passengers, as the cockpit door flew open. Unlike the other 19 passengers who died, our hero survived for the second time! Miraculously he landed on a haystack...

And if you think that was the whole story, you're wrong. A few years later, in 1966, again "death" came close to the lucky-unlucky Croat. Selak this time he preferred to travel by bus. The bus diverted, skidding into a river. Four people lost their lives in this incident and as you understand Selak escaped with minor injuries.

The fourth stroke of fate came in 1970. While driving his car, Selak found out that it caught fire. He was able to flee from the burning death trap a few seconds before the car exploded.
A few years later, again while driving his car, he got close to death, when due to a breakdown, the car's engine caught fire and the flames went through the driver’s cabin. Selak escaped once more, but much of his hair was burned.

For a few years, Selak, surprisingly did not have any other accident. But that changed in 1995. While the man waited at a bus stop, a bus that was passing by hit him in Zagreb. Again the man survived without any serious injuries.

Just about 7 years ago the adorable Croat won an almost 1,000,000 euro lottery on the occasion of his fifth marriage. Although luck seemed to smile at him he renounced the money, giving away most of his fortune to his relatives.


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